Saturday, April 3, 2010

Brian Roberts Card of the Day-Topps SI For Kids!

Today's Brian Roberts Card of the Day is from the 2006 Topps Sports Illustrated for Kids Funny Photos subset. It is card #24 of 25 and shows Roberts on the front with a balloon caption that says: "As fast, as fast as can be, you'll never catch me...". This is something that Roberts generally repeats aloud as he runs the bases. It helps. On the back of the card is a photo of Richie Sexson sitting down by the batting cage and it has AN EMPTY CAPTION!!! This means that you can make your caption and make Richie Sexson say whatever the heck you want him to! Have at it... This card entered my collection courtesy of some blogger kindness from Kevin of the 1965 Topps Project Blog. He sent a good sized stack of B-Robs that will keep this blog fueled... Thanks Kevin! PLEASE vote for top second baseman of All Time while you are here... Leading off and out.

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  1. "Yea, ummm, remember when I was sorta good? When I hit homers....yea, that was fun."