Friday, February 19, 2010

The Roberts PC is up to 70 Cards-Fresh Stuff from Wicked Ortega

I have yet to see B-Rob in camp, but I will be out there again on Wednesday, camera in hand. For now you will have to settle for pictures of him on baseball cards. At least they are awesome looking cards... These all came from the greatest trader in the world, Wicked Ortega from the My Past Time...I Love It! Blog. He sent a TON of cool stuff covering every faction of my collection, but these are the Roberts cards. The one on top is from 2009 Topps Chrome. Wicked had sent me a regular refractor of this card a while back, now I have the blue version to go with it. This one is numbered 168/199. For the record, I LOVE these blue refractors. Its like 2003 all over again. This next one is from 2009 SP Legendary Cuts, card #1 of #1. Awesome. The third and final Roberts card comes from 2006 SP Authentic and the Baseball Heroes subset. It is number SPAH-69 in the set. The company he is sharing looks a bit odd, but I guess second baseman don't have the longest shelf life. I do think that the Baseball Heroes Card would look better like this. This brings me up to 70 cards in my Roberts collection! Woo hoo! Thanks for everything Wicked! You rule! Leading off over and out!

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  1. i have a couple more for you too!! I'll send them soon!! hey and if you can grab a auto of his for my collection that would be great!