Tuesday, March 2, 2010

3 Posts in One AKA 9 New Orioles Cards from 4 Different Sources...

I have realized that working 2 jobs, volunteering, doing roller derby and having a family doesn’t leave a ton of time to maintain 3 blogs, but I am determined to make this work. More now than ever that I realize that people are reading. This post is going to be 3 posts rolled into one and it will probably stay up for at least 3 days. Rather than post three different 3 from 3s, here are 9 new cards, all of Orioles, some of them named Brian Roberts. My B-Rob collection has reached 80 cards (I need to update my list); my Nick Markakis collection is now filling 2 pages with another 6 pages full of random Orioles. We will start with proof that people read this thing. Two weeks ago I posted a Roberts card from 2002 and complained that I didn’t have any Roberts’s rookie cards, cards from 2001. Within a week that problem was solved. Texas Brian from the ever amazing Play at the Plate blog had a package of 2010 Topps coming for me (I will update that list soon, too) and as is typical for him, he included some SWEET extras. One of them is this 2001 Donruss Signature Series foil card. It says “Rookie” on the side of the card, but card companies throw that tag around so often when it isn’t the case. This however is the REAL DEAL. It is numbered 0473/800 on the back. The other bonuses were Rays cards which will find their way up on the Collective Troll in due time. The next 3 cards all came from the same person, the ever generous and super awesome Ed from Roll out the Barrel. Ed and I swap packages about every three weeks and his never disappoint. He also sent me a slew of 2010 Topps and inserts for my set chase, PLUS some Brian The first one is for my set, the “When They Were Young” series anyway. I think I have one of these for the PC on its way. The card shows Roberts batting right-handed as a youngster in North Carolina. He was wearing #1 then, he still wears it now. The next card from RotB is #64 from the 2009 Upper Deck SP Authentic set. The back of the card mentions Roberts going 3-4 on opening day as the Orioles beat the Yankees 10-5. The final B-Rob card from Ed is an insert from 2007 SP Authentic. The Authentic Speed subset. This chronicles base stealers and Roberts had swiped 36 bags the year prior. Switching gears from current to a little while ago… This next card came from Sean at Condition Poor, it is a 2010 SlangKo Sportscard Co. of former Orioles centerfielder Paul Blair. Blair spent 13 seasons in Baltimore, won 2 Worlds Championships with them, went to 2 All Star games, paced the AL in triples and won 8 Gold Gloves. This card showcases the last feat. Only 7 other outfielders have won more Gold Gloves than Blair.
The next card is a SlangKo, too. From a less colorful series, but awesome nonetheless. I have decided it would look much better with an autograph across the front and that is what I have planned for it. It is of Orioles star right fielder Nick Markakis. I don’t collect Nick, but he and Adam Jones are both exceptionally complete outfielders and might get my All Star vote again this year. The next 3 cards come from a first time trader, a reader from Colorado named Lou. Colorado Lou if you please. Lou isn’t a Rockies fan, a Cards fan rather. I explained to him that all of my Cards go to Cards on Cards, but he sent me some cards anyway. Two more Markakii. These could be available for trading if you have similar Roberts or Rays cards. The first is from 2008 Allen and Ginter. The Dick Perez sketch card that says 1/1 on the front, but isn’t really a 1/1. It still looks rad. It would however look much more rad with a nice sharpie signature across the front. I will have to get cracking on that. The second card from Lou and 3rd new Markakis comes from 2009 Finest, card #21, a blue refractor. The card is serial numbered 152/399. The Finest Trivia question is: Who is the only AL player with SBs in one World Series championship game? The answer of course is BJ Upton. The final card from Colorado Lou shifts us back to the man for him this blog is dedicated to, Mr. Brian Roberts. It is from 2007 SPX and is die-cut into a little bit of an X. It is card #2 in the set. Okay, that is it, 3 posts in one. 9 new Orioles cards from 4 different awesome sources. Thanks to Sean, Brian, Ed and Lou!!! On a set building note, I have packages from these 4 fine folks, plus Dog Faced Gremlin, Baseball Dad, Cardboard Junkie, Cards on Cards and Largo Frank-all of which contain 2010 Topps base and inserts. I plan on posting the hits on the Troll and updated my needs and trade lists very soon. Go Roberts! Leading off and heading out…


  1. Troll, I'm glad the card filled a need and was a first for you. The best part is....I have another one! I pulled 2 of the 800 so I kept one for myself.

  2. Hey Bacon,
    Did you get the B-Rob cards I sent you along with the Ryan Minor and Alfredo Simon cards?
    Just wanted to confirm that they made it to you.