Friday, March 26, 2010

Brian Roberts Cards is Back!!!

When I started a 3rd blog a lot of people thought I was over extending myself. Well, it turns out they were correct... I have not had the time to do all of my normal responsibilies and post on 3 different blogs. I am sorry. I had big plans for this blog during the spring. I had planned on covering the Orioles in spring training, posting a ton of pictures, chatting with B-Rob on a regular basis... None of that happened. Sarasota is literally one town away from where I live, but without a car it might as well be 1,000 miles. I never made it to camp or to a game and I never spoke with Brian Roberts. I probably could have found a way over there, but I never got my press credentials approved through the Orioles. That really upset me because not only did I play in their organization, I worked for the team for two years... Oh well. I am still a Brian Roberts fan and I still want to make this blog happen. Obviously I would like to post everyday here, but considering this is only my second post this month, I won't make any promises to do that. I will promise to maintain this blog throughout the season however. I will promise to post on at least a weekly basis, sum up Roberts week and his stats on a weekly basis. I will also post more cards, one at a time, front and back, as I get more. Right now I have plenty enough cards to post every other day for a while... Kevin from the Orioles Card "O" The Day sent me some, so did Stale Gum and I still have more to post from Cards on Cards. Today I got one of the most amazing packages I have ever received from legendary trader Alredo "Wicked" Ortega of the My Past Time... I Love It! blog. I am going to need to use all 3 blogs and about a weeks worth of posting to show off all of the gems he sent... I don't have any scanned for posting tonight, so I must ask you all to stay tuned. The Brian Roberts Card of the Day will return, in fact I will probably scedule one card per day until Opening Day as a countdown. There is some really good stuff here, too, so please stay tuned! I will probably put a contest up here pretty soon plus, like my other blogs, I will post a "Greatest ____ of All Time" poll. Till then...

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  1. I've been saying we need more B-Rob. AND I didn't know about tour affiliation with the Orioles. Cool.