Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bearded B-Rob From My Bearded Buddy…

Last week I received a pretty big and pretty amazing package from everyone’s favorite bearded blogger, Beardy from Mojo and Beardy’s Fantastic Card Blog. They are currently running a contest which involves bloggers trying to rap. It is awesome and amazing and must be checked out. Anyway, I will post the total package shortly, but I wanted to tease it by making one of the cards the Brian Roberts Card of the Day. It is card #8 from 2008 Upper Deck Spectrum. It aint your standard garden variety Spectrum, oh no, this is the real deal, serial numbered 230/399 and all. The best part is that its bright and foily and has the perfect orange background that an Orioles card should have. Beardy is pretty much the ultimate Orioles collector and my little collection will never come close to rivaling his, but I certainly don’t mind scooping up his leftovers. The back of the card shows a further connection between the Bearded One and the O’s second baseman… Look close, is that a beard??? Thanks for reading and a huge thanks to Beardy! Please vote for best second baseman of All Time while you are here. Check out my other blog, the Collective Troll for the full Bearded Trade Post coming soon! With all of the generous bloggers out there spoiling me with Roberts cards, laziness is the only thing standing between a different card being posted here every day this season. I think I can do it!


  1. I don't think it's laziness preventing you from posting a different B-Rob every day. I think it's the fact that there aren't 48 hours in a day.