Thursday, April 8, 2010

Brian Roberts 2009 Topps Total Domination!

With the Orioles in town for the Rays home opener I have seen plenty of Brian Roberts these past two days. I am back at work tonight, but naturally I didn’t bring the flash drive with any of the photos that I took. Those will have to wait for another day. I will say that even though I was thrilled that Roberts was here for the first pitch of the season, as bad as he has looked at the plate, I wish he took a rehab assignment to get his timing down. I watched closely as he took batting practice on Tuesday night. He took all of his hacks from the left side and looked very weak. He didn’t look in pain and he was pulling the ball well, he wasn’t connecting with any force at all. He was hitting the ball, but not pounding the ball. Facing Shields on Opening Night Roberts wasn’t overmatched or outsmarted; he just didn’t have his normal control at the plate. His hands were still quick, but he wasn’t working the count, fouling off pitches or making solid contact. That happens when you miss all of spring training…
Well, even though I did forget the photos, I have some cards scanned, so I can make this 2009 Topps and Topps Chrome parallel the Brian Roberts Quadrafecta of the Day. Shown are the Topps Chrome refractor, X Fractor and blue refractor along with his Topps Gold parallel. I have the base Topps and Topps chrome as well. If I had scanned them this could be a Septafecta which sounds really cool. I am wondering what other parallels there are from 2009 Topps that I need to gather to have total Roberts domination. I know there is a 1/1 platinum version, but is there a black parallel of Topps and are there other colors of Chrome refractors out there? Everything I thought I knew about Topps Chrome I learned from this blog post earlier this month. I am worried I might be misled. Go Roberts! Tonight would be a great night to get your first hit of the year to give your team a tiny bright spot on a wasted road trip. By the way, I am implying that the Orioles are gonna get swept… Oh, and I think I have a dupe of the '09 X Fractor if anyone wants to deal for it...


  1. You're missing the red and gold chrome refractors.

  2. as for the base, grab the black, and don't forget the walmart and target parallels. go crazy.

  3. Roberts looked much better Thursday night didn't he?

    Although I don't want him sliding head first into second base. I was worried he injured his hand.

    That game was so exciting and stressful. Gonzalez has looked terrible as the closer so far.

    What a great series. All 1 run games. Exciting every night.

  4. FOC,
    yes, he looked worlds better and I am glad!
    Swag and Drizz, thanks for info... I def want the black and retro retail versions, plus the Topps base black. I didn't know and havent seen the Chrome red or gold refractors, but of course I want them!