Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Peeps Pink Brian Roberts Card of the Day

Happy Easter Orioles fans and card collectors! For my Easter post I wanted to show off something sweet and shiny, so here we go! This is one of many, many cards that my good friend Wicked Ortega from My Past Time...I Love It! sent my way. It is a 2009 Bowman Chrome REFRACTOR of B-Rob, card #46. I LOVE REFRACTORS and we all know that they scan pink like peeps, so it seemed like a no-brainer for the card of the day. Happy Easter Orioles fans! Its less than 48 hours until the first pitch of Opening Day at Tropicana Field, Tampa Bay Rays versus the Baltimore Orioles. His back willing, Roberts will be the one standing at the plate when the Rays season officially opens. I will be the one who is 9 rows behind the dugout on the first base line. I CAN'T WAIT! Thanks for the great card Wicked! Thanks to all who have stumbled across this blog. I will do my best to get a fresh and new Roberts card up here at least 3 times a week. Oh, PLEASE vote for the best second baseman of all time while you are here. 60 people voted for the top shortstop on my other blog, we need some more votes for second base!

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