Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Opening Day Brian Roberts Card of the Day!

This will likely be my lone post today as I am off to Tropicana Field to watch The Tampa Bay Rays entertain the Baltimore Orioles to open both of their seasons. Its a total win-win for me as I get to watch my favorite player play my favorite team. To celebrate, here is a great new B-Rob card that came to me from Beardy of Beardy and Mojo's Fantastic Card Blog. He and Beardy are running an awesome tribute and contest to Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. CHECK IT OUT!!! Anyway, Beardy sent me a great lot of stuff including this 2006 Bazooka Fielding Basics relic card of Brian Roberts. I don't care for the DMV style photo, but I love the design of the Bazooka brand. The only bad thing about this card is that there is no cartoon, otherwise it could be perfect... Thanks to Beardy for this great card! There is only about 10 hours left to vote for the best second baseman ever, so do it now! Hopefully tonight Roberts will have the only 5 hits for the Orioles in a 5-hit shutout loss to the Rays, we will see...


  1. Bazooka did a great job with their game used cards.

    You are so lucky to get to see the Orioles and Rays! Those teams are stuffed with exciting players.

    Go Orioles! (Sorry)

  2. You are very lucky Bacon. Let's go O's!

  3. Nice B-Rob. He does look he's at the DMV though!